Week 1 - Getting Started

Embedding three pre-created charts in my site

Week 2 - Introduction to APIs

Charting COVID-19 data in Oxfordshire using an API

Charting COVID-19 data in London using CSV data

Week 3 - Manipulating CSV data and inputting JSON data manually

Creating a GDP per capita chart using data on GDP and population and manipulaitng the data in Excel

Manually encoding data points into JSON code

Week 4 - Finding new APIs and implementing them

Using the World Bank API

Using the Emissions API

Week 5 - Using loops to make multiple API downloads quickly

Looping over CoinAPI using different ticker names to download four different JSON data files to plot four crypto charts using code which can found here.

Week 7 - Scraping sites using loops over multiple pages

Scraping multiple pages of to find satisfaction ratings at top investment banks using code that can be found here.

Week 8 - Talking Economics: Women more likely to favour shorter commutes (Helen Simpson, UoB)

Helen Simpson claimed that women are more likely to favour shorter commutes in the Talking Economics talk on work and pay. The below chart backs this statement and also shows that a) women earn less and b) people with longer commutes tend to earn more.

Week 9 - Advanced data analysis techniques: Regression

I regressed happiness score against poverty rating and found that there was a negative correlation with an R² of 0.250. Python code can be found here. Overall the relationship followed Poverty Rating = -0.518(Happiness Score) + 38.19.

Week 10 - Interactive Charts